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Velvet Swimming Crab (Necora puber)

Velvet Swimming Crab (Necora puber)

A large and active crab. Up to 13 cm across the carapace. The top of the carapace is a fine covering of velvet hairs. The eyes are red and the colours of the body are a beautiful blue and red. The hind legs are broad paddles for swimming.

This is a highly aggressive crab and if one is to be nipped by a crab this is the one to do it! They are also quite powerful and even a small one can snap a pencil in half. Most crabs will turn and run whilst this species will turn and face the attacker raising itself up and lifting the pincers wide. The hind legs act as excellent paddles so that it can swim across large rock pools. This is an important carnivore (especially molluscs) and scavenger.

The Velvet Swimming Crab is at home on most lower rocky seashores, especially if there is a degree of shelter. Found under stones and boulders. Mainly a northern species around the Atlantic coast.

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