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Coral Weed (Corallina officinalis)

Coral Weed (Corallina officinalis)

Corallina is a calcareous red alga. The small segmented fronds are 4 - 10 cm long and very rigid. It has white tips to the frond (see photo above). It is typically found lining rock pools.

Colouration in the upper shore is often pale compared with the dark pink the plant achieves in shady conditions lower down the shore, at the bottom of deep pools or under a canopy of brown seaweed. On exposed shores coralline algae of various species will dominate and may, in deed, be the only species in rock pools. Corallina is intolerant of desiccation and if it dries it will quickly turn white. In sheltered areas they quickly become colonised by a wide range of small invertebrates.

The distribution covers most of the European coastline except for the Baltic and is included in the Mediterranean

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