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Cladophora spp

Cladophora spp

There are several different species of Cladophora found around European shores. Cladophora rupestris is a common, dark green alga growing to 12 cm. It is a branched filamentous species giving a feathery appearance. Quite coarse to the touch. Several dense layers of cellulose and a chitin-like material protect the alga from drying out. It is frequently found living under Fucus where it remains moist at low tide. The alga is dark because of a wide range of pigments which can absorb enough light even in the shade of the large brown algae. Most green algae live in the upper shore but this species can survive at almost any level, in the middle down to the lower shore where it is amongst the kelp. It is a northern species living on the Atlantic coasts.

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