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Ceramium spp - a red alga

Ceramium spp - a red alga

This delicate red alga is one of many which grow epiphytically on other, larger seaweeds as well as on the rocks. The fine red threads of the frond fork regularly along the length of 2 - 25 cm and at the tips they fork into a pincer-like shape. The frond appears to be segmented but this is due to an alternation of light and dark pigmentation. This is typically an epiphyte (living on another organism but not parasitically). On its much branched frond animals colonise it as a substrate to attach themselves (epizooites) e.g. crustaceans like Caprellids. Common in the middle and lower shore where it attaches to rocks but mainly to other algae. A very wide distribution from the north Atlantic and Baltic down to the south including the Mediterranean

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