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Dune slack and dune scrub communities.

Dune slack with willow scrub.

A dune slack may be created when a blow-out (a damaged area of dune knocked back to bare sand by a combination of erosion [human activities, rabbit burrowing etc.] and strong wind) takes the sand below the level of the water table.

Dune slacks are variable in their nature depending on a whole host of factors including frequency of inundation (which relates to the height of the blow-out floor relative to the summer/winter water table); pH of the ground water; pH of the substrate; age of the slack and intensity of grazing.

If the dune slack is old enough then the community may develop to scrub, usually willow (Salix spp.), with moisture loving associates such as marsh pennywort (Hydrocotyle vulgaris), marsh orchids and various rushes and sedges.


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