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Why not take a look at how Succession works in practice in a Salt Marsh

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Should our pioneer species manage to survive, their growth and activities will begin to result in changes to the physical environment. This will enable our species to do better. They will grow bigger and there will be more of them. This will mean that the amount of bare ground available for colonisation is reduced. The vegetation as a whole is now referred to as "closed". Meaning a more continuous covering over the surface.

The physical environment continues to improve. More shelter is available and as dust or sediment is trapped and organisms die off nutrient availability will increase. Moreover as a soil develops the nutrients will have a reduced tendancy to leach away when it rains.

As a result of the above we might expect an increase in the number of different species that survive and grow on our site.

These processes will continue and our establishment community will transform into the next developmental stage.

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